Joshua Sherman
“If you have a pair you absolutely need to make touch-enabled, then Nanotips is the surefire way to do it. ”
Joshua Sherman-Digital Trends 
Vikram Vij
“It’s a really smart product. I always go skiing and i’m always scared of dropping the gloves down from the lift”
Vikram Vij – CBC Dragon’s Den
Gadget Review
“What’s nice about Nanotips is that it’s a simple, and durable solution to the problem” Dan Seitz – Gadget Review
David Chilton - The Wealthy Barber
“It works! I’m impressed”
David Chilton-The Wealthy Barber
Wall Street Journal
“I love the fact that they make my gloves look normal but give them a special ability!”
Eva Tam Senior Tech editor – The Wall Street Journal
“Purchasing a pair of attractive, touchscreen-compatible mittens usually means paying a pretty penny or sacrificing aesthetics for something a little easier on the wallet. Nanotips … add touchscreen capabilities to any pair of gloves.” Rebecca Hiscott – Mashables
“It hasn’t been all that easy to make your own touchscreen-friendly gloves short of grabbing a needle and some conductive thread. With Nanotips, however, it could be as simple as applying touch-up paint.”
Jon Fingas – Engadget

Make Your Gloves Touchscreen Compatible


Nanotips is the world’s first liquid solution that can make any glove touchscreen compatible. Make touchscreen gloves for Texting, iPhones & Smartphones

Formulated using conductive polyamide nano solutions, Nanotips mimics the touch of the human skin to enable the user to interact with all smartphones, iPhone, iPads, smartwatches, tablets, and any other capacitive smart devices. Durable, extremely responsive, and works with any glove material.

Nanotips — A Liquid That Makes Any Glove Touchscreen Friendly
Touchscreen Gloves for Texting and iPhone from Any Gloves


Nanotips gives you the freedom to choose the perfect glove without having to worry about touchscreen functionality.

Interacting with the apps we need and the devices we trust is an integral part of how we connect everyday. Nanotips helps anyone interact with these devices with ease.



Free shipping when you buy two or more

Keep the gloves you already own. Choose the gloves you want. We make any glove a touchscreen glove.

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Make Your Leather Gloves Touchscreen Friendly

For Leather and Rubbers

For all thick materials: Leathers, Rubbers.

Make Your Motorcycle and Skiing Gloves Touchscreen Friendly!

Nanotips Blue — Make Fabric or Wool Gloves Touchscreen Friendly!

For Fabrics and Fleeces

For all porous gloves: Fabrics, Fleeces

Make Your Running, Biking, Hiking and Winter Gloves Touchscreen Friendly!


Use the store locator to find Nanotips in retail outlets worldwide.

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